Never forget our customer, Nor let the customer forget us.

Welcome to Comnet Vision!

Comnet Vision established in 1996 to provide cutting edge technology solutions in the range of Products & services Solutions offerings to the customers in Corporate & federal where they have not reached and are needed the most. We seek to target those niche technology markets and companies who are willing to explore new product and markets for their expansion and have excellent expertise and resources in place, but do not have right markets, right customers and right contacts.

Our major objective is to take Information Technology, Solutions and Products to customers across India.

User Reviews

We are very satisfied by the way Comnet understood our requirements, provided a solution that not only met our requirements but exceeded our expectations. Also, as per the commitment, Comnet has provided us services promptly whenever required and resolved our issues in time. They have a great understating of IT Technologies, but in general, various other aspects of IT Infrastructure technologies. This is to us, a real advantage of partnering Comnet.
Ashwani Kumar, Care India
Great to work with Comnet, consistent timeliness of response to issues and problems. Resolved a major problem within a short time, which minimized downtime significantly.
Mukesh, G I Goup

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